For the Williams and Fitzmaurice family, I was asked to create the wedding stationary including save the date cards, wedding invitations and programmes for the day.

The idea that I had for the save the date cards was to create something that didn't use a traditional wedding aesthetic but had a strong visual impact. I ran many concepts and designs past the couple with the above design chosen. Using Paper and a scalpel, I created each letter by hand then using a flat bed scanner, I manipulated them into a digital piece of typographic artwork.

With the wedding invitations that went out 8 months later, the couple wanted to use more traditional imagery. I created for them a series of different patterns and colours for the invitations with the above design chosen.

I also designed the programmes for the wedding day, keeping to the imagery I had built before for the invites and transferring it to a simple and accessible layout for hymns, prayers and messages to the couple.


Wedding Photography by Megan Lowe

© Thomas Fitzmaurice